pocketMAD's monthly contest I: alt. contest. November.
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Submitted By pocketMAD on 10/12/24
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 This is my first post!
The monthly contest will be...who can create the world where I can DRIVE my sweet cool buggy in a sweet cool world at a very very very high altitude (1,o0o,0o0+ alt) without failure. Contest ends in month or at DECEMBER 4, 2010. Rock on mars explorer!
1) Can't START at 1,000,000+alt.
2) Contest base on highest alt and little details.
3)Must drive buggy AT LEAST 40mph for 15 seconds at least at a 1,000,000 alt (suppose spaceship).
4)Must start at 0 alt or lower.
4)Must have a starting ground and a way up (elevator, obstacle,cannon,giant magma volcano explosion).
5) Can only enter 2 worlds (i'll be watching). 
6) Must be BUGGY APPROVED. Which means the BUGGY must get up the way rule #4 states(no jets)( got that achilles).
7) Must follow all of the RULES.

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