pocketMAD's monthly contest III. Future Whirld.
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Submitted By pocketMAD on 11/01/03
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I always use photos of the future. So a 4-d photo would be cooler. 
For this contest, make a world that is from the future.
I don't care if it is just flat land or if it has already been built. HEY, YOU CAN EVEN USE FREE STYLE. It's just you might not win.
Three entrees per person only. And the future isn't flying cars you know. It "COULD" be a
wasteland. I don't care. OH and achilles, my most favorite world of all, city of dreams; you can
enter that and it would probably be a winner because it has futurism in it. Futurism.
  1. How future the world is. (deserted, or flying car futurism)
  2. How fun the world is.
  3. How vehicle friendly the world is.
  4. Can only enter 3 entrees.
  5. Must be a custom link.
Winner gets there name put up on  http://justsomewhirlds.plexpedia.com/index
That's al folks.

Visit the the entrees, winners, and the old and present monthly contests at
http://justsomewhirlds.plexpedia.com/index They're plenty of whirlds that are the best of the best like
gigarace and hovercraft world.
Entrees end on March 1
Next contest starts on February 1

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